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For those of you who have experienced Shamanic drumming en mass you don't need me to tell you what an experience it is. 
For those of you who have not....Don't wait any longer.

 No matter  in which corner of the earth you live, everyone in the world today can trace back their ancestry back to a time and place where drumming was a huge part of their lives and in many cases still is. The drum was  a very powerful tool in their belief systems, today as the world is changing around us we are learning to step back to the way of the ancients. When I say step back, in fact it is a definite move forward, to change people’s perception to how we treat our mother earth and all that she is about. More and more people are becoming connected, and drumming is just part of the way to achieve those connections.

My first drum meditation was an amazing and emotional experience, I saw where I had come from and saw the people that surrounded me in those times, including my  husband Trace, who apparently seems to have been with me on many life journeys. I felt a love fill my heart until I thought it would burst. Needless to say I often go back to visit. I also have met many people since who feel that they and I had a connection from those times.

 I didn't have my own drum at that time, but immediately felt compelled to get one.  And there was the rub, the drums that I liked were far out of my price range, £400 and upwards to over £1000, any that were cheaper were either screen printed or mass produced synthetic skins, so from then on I decided to make good, traditional, hand painted drums available to all, and as no two are the same you can be assured of owning a unique item. The drums I sell are fair trade instruments, using natural hides, which I  paint myself, using specialist paints with very high quality pigments. They all can be played and have their own resonance and tone, and are wonderful for either playing on your own, with a friend or en mass. People often comment on their depth of vibration. They all come with a beater, and a care sheet. One of my creations has recently joined it's new owner, who is a very successful recording artist, and will be featured on his next album.

There are many thousands of people who connect though drumming in the UK,  Europe and indeed the world, just use Google or Facebook to find people and events near you, then enjoy the freedom of your spirit. If you like to play at home I can recommend what I believe to be the best drumming CD's in the world, both of which are by and artist called Wychazel, the titles are Shaman   The Healing Drum and Shaman 2, available through MG Music or iTunes. Links on our link page.  Those people with drum circles who wish to post a link to "our favourite links page" please feel free to contact me and I will post it accordingly. Lets spread the word and move upwards together with Mother earth. 

Blessings Sharon


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