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Orion handfasting

 A Little Introduction to Handfasting


As an interest in Handfasting has led you to our path, we are sure you may have some knowledge in place, but here is a short passage of  information for you to read.

 Handfasting is a traditional ceremony which originated with the Celts. It's roots stem far back in the annuls of time. There are several theories how it started and by far the most likely, (and our favourite theory at Orion) is that a young couple, led by the village elder, would join hands in the middle of the village green and a Handfasting ceremony would take place. In front of the community they would say vows exclaiming their intent to live the rest of their lives together as a couple, or for as long as their love will last. Traditionally a year and one day after the           Handfasting the official marriage would take place, but this wedding would only take place only if both individuals felt that it was a path they were happy to take.  If not a small private ceremony would take place with the elder and they were allowed to go their separate ways with no acrimony. Today people often choose Handfasting as a permanent alternative to the traditional wedding.



 Today anyone can become Handfasted and we mean anyone, no matter if you are choosing this path instead of a traditional wedding, already married to each other and want to renew your vows of love in a spiritual ceremony, previously married and divorced, if you same sex partners, or many other reasons, indeed for many people Handfasting is the preferred path. This can be for as many reasons as there are people.


Although Handfasting is not legally binding, let us not take this ceremony lightly, it is still a joining of two people in mind, body, spirit and love. It is a very special day not only for you, but your family, and your friends, and for us, Jan and Sharon at Orion.

 About us


We at Orion consist of Janice Siggs and Sharon Walton, between us we have clocked up  25 years of working with the Spirit world and have been involved with the     spiritual side of life for many, many more. Jan holds a certificate in Spiritual healing, and also is an accomplished and popular platform medium, and has appeared regularly in the South, she also holds regular spiritual development and guidance classes as well as performing  clearance, balancing and  counselling services. Sharon also holds a certificate in Spiritual healing and works as an artist using canvas and shamanic drums as her medium. Her artwork has featured on album covers and her drums are used by healers, drum circles and musicians alike, she also makes her own jewellery range incorporating crystals and fine silver.


 We both feel that Handfasting is a way forward for people to have either an alternative option from the structured traditional wedding, or an addition to it, and with that thought in mind, we know that it offers people a way to make the day individually tailored to their own wishes. Each Handfasting is special to us and we will endeavour to make it a very special experience for you. We only work in the love and the light and do NOT dabble in the black arts, therefore we do not perform dark versions of any ceremony, so if that is what you require, We are sorry but we are not the   people for you

Please feel free to contact us for more information, or to book a free consultation to discuss any special requirements.

We do hope that you choose us to join you to help celebrate  your special day

Love Light and Blessings

Jan and Sharon


Sharon Walton,
5 Sep 2012, 05:23