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Quartz Crystals

All of the Crystals on our Quartz Crystal page are Shamaiyan wrapped in Silver plated wire and supplied with an 18” Silver plated chain that can either be used as a necklace or a pendulum as desired. We can also supply chains in any length up to 24” if required, so please let us know if you would like a custom length chain at the time of ordering.  Every Crystal is Shamaiyan wrapped in its own unique and individual way according to its own shape and size, so you can be sure that your Crystal will be totally and completely, one of kind in every way.
Crystal Facts
Many forms of quartz crystals have been used in spiritual practices throughout the ages. They are some of the oldest rock formations found on earth and each one is unique unto itself, taking literally hundreds of thousands of years to manifest itself into its purest form.
Crystals are unusual as they can be either projective or receptive to energy, and clear rock quartz is one of the few crystals that can do both. Projective crystals radiate energy, and receptive Crystals absorb it.
Quartz crystals have long been used for spiritual purposes such as healing, drawing prosperity, love spells, protection, promoting psychic awareness, scrying or crystal gazing, in order to divine the future, clear quartz spheres are the most commonly known for this purpose, although other types of quartz crystal can and are used as well.
Quartz crystals can be placed around the home to draw or repel specific energies or planted in fields and gardens to promote fertility and abundance.
Crystals can also be used to cleanse and charge other crystals and stones.
 Choosing Your Crystal
We at Shamaiya along with many other Stone Keepers of the world believe that you do not choose a Crystal but in fact the Crystal chooses you. As you cast your eyes over the Crystals on this page, you will find that one will catch your eye more so than the rest, and you will find that you come back to that one time and time again. It may not be the largest or the most expensive one that you see, but it will “feel” right to you, voila, the Crystal has made its choice. If you are buying a Crystal as a gift for someone else the same will apply, a crystal will always find its way to the right Stone Keeper to assist them at a particular time in their life.
Crystals are here to help us, whether it be for our day to day lives or in the case of Healers, Mediums or Dowsers etc, they will be used to help them at their work in aid of those in need. Indeed you may find that you want to keep many Crystals and have favourites which you use for different tasks, or perhaps you want to wear different ones at different times, depending on how you feel. Some Crystals will remain with you for the rest of your life, and some will not, and this is why……. 
Crystals sometimes know that they have completed their tasks with you and have taken you as far as they can on life's journey. They will let you know that it is time for them to move on and help someone else; this may be after many years of service with you, or just a day or two. One day you may meet someone in need, and have a really strong urge to pass your Crystal on to them and this will feel absolutely right and wonderful to you. Don’t despair, usually you will find another more powerful Crystal has already found its way to you and will help you further on your journey through life or perhaps there is another one just around the corner, waiting in the wings to take its place.  
This is the way with all Crystals and stones.  

The crystals below are now sold and are for illustration purposes only.